Finance Report of High-end Individuals

Ipsos and Financial Money Magazine jointly released “High-end Customers Finance and Investment White Paper”. With the focus on financial institutions’ high-end customers, the survey covered banks, insurance MIS, funds, securities, trust, futures, financial leasing and third-party finance.

Use APP, but at Varied Time

Ipsos works with Beijing Mobile to launch APP product list, when Ipsos offers professional data analysis technology, and Beijing Mobile provides real, comprehensive data aids to explore the development trend, profitability, etc., of APP.

Ipsos China: Why must bricks-and-mortar retailers “embrace” mobile Internet?

The popularity of mobile Internet in China has not only changed the lifestyle of Chinese consumers, but also changed consumers’ consuming habits and the way they shop.

Ipsos China: 2014 China Auto Market Brand Research Report

The consumption perceptions of returning consumers, whose needs are changing from simple transportation to diversification and individualization is more mature than that of the first-time buyers.

Ipsos China – 2015 Executives Career Choosing Trends Survey

Recently, Ipsos published the Executives Career Choosing Trends Survey 2015 in association with CEIBS Business Review, which analyzes the professional status and trends in career choice of Chinese business executives.

Survey on Consumption View and Financial Management of the Young Generation

As the average age of consumer groups gets younger, the post-80s generation has long been the largest component.

China: Survey on Consumption during the Spring Festival of 2015

As the Year of the Goat approaches, so does the first “Golden Week” of consumption for 2015.

China: The Way to Reach “Yummy Mommies”

How to market to Chinese “Yummy Mommies” has been one of the growing concerns of many sellers of fast-moving consumer goods and maternal and child care products.

How Can Celebrity Endorsement Be Effective

We have entered a time of “celebrity consumption”. Everyday our life is inevitably “disturbed” by celebrities. We often see and hear celebrities making product recommendations to us.

Brief Analysis of China’s Auto Parts Manufacturing Trends

In 2013, China’s new vehicle sales hit the 20 million mark of and new vehicle sales continued to drive demand for auto parts and accessories. With an increasing number of vehicles out of warranty, the independent after-market has begun to grow substantially.