Future of TV – The evolution of TV everywhere

A master of reinvention, TV has consistently changed over time to embrace new technology and meet the evolving needs of audiences and consumers. Now, with content that follows you, more seamless interplay between screens, personalisation and deeper levels of immersion, the future of TV looks more exciting than ever. Collaboration with other media will be key, to ensure audiences can continue to be reached with the right content on the right device, in the moments that matter.

Brand Influence in Taiwan? – Chapter 3/3

Within the previous POV article, we shared the top 10 most influential brands in Taiwan. But, we also listed out several brands that significantly jumped up in brand influence from the previous year. This 3rd& final part of this series of POV articles will focus very much on these specific brands, and exactly how they were able to achieve such a significantly uplift in brand influence.

Finance Report of High-end Individuals

Ipsos and Financial Money Magazine jointly released “High-end Customers Finance and Investment White Paper”. With the focus on financial institutions’ high-end customers, the survey covered banks, insurance MIS, funds, securities, trust, futures, financial leasing and third-party finance.

The CNCBI Cross-border Banking Demand Index

The CNCBI Cross-border Banking Demand Index captures the trends of cross-border demand from mainland companies and individuals for banking services provided by banks in Hong Kong in the next quarter, based on the results of a quarterly survey over mainland companies and individuals conducted by international market research firm Ipsos.


Companies around the world are increasingly interested in upscale consumers. This growing interest isn’t just among luxury brands, but increasingly extends across many categories and price points. The challenge, however, is a shortage of actionable, reliable information about higher-end consumers on a global scale. When studies are available

Rise of the Silver Dollar

As the world’s population ages, there is value in segmenting the more mature consumers into two distinct categories: those 50 to 70 – the “Silver Hair” segment – who have at least a decade or more of work to go, compared to the older old who may be less active than the first group.

Mothering Excellence

The global focus of development and growth has firmly shifted to Asia and this is most evidenced in the increasing source of consumer trends across this diverse region.

Deconstructing Premium in China’s Emerging Middle Class

The emerging middle class in China is rapidly expanding. In fact the OECD states the BRIC countries will have as much as 75% of the economic influence in the world by 2020.

Evaluating New Ways to Fund TV Content

Clare Lui, Executive Director – Ipsos MediaCT shared at a recent Ipsos HK Client Seminar result from a new and exclusive Ipsos Study which assesses the Advertiser Sponsored Programming market in Hong Kong, the UK and the USA.

How Hong Kong SMEs are Growing in the Digital Economy

The Internet creates opportunities that make it easier for entrepreneurs to start new businesses, for small businesses to grow, and for all businesses to increase productivity.