MA Blog: Technology is just better than us at some things

Tony Patrick, Research Director at Ipsos NZ, shares his thoughts on the Marketing Association Blog about why he thinks technology in market research sometimes is just better than us.

Thailand is recruiting!

Our Thailand Office is recruiting new SRM and an RM specialized in Auto & Retail.

The Future of Food – Thailand

A lot is changing around the world, in our homes, and in our home cooking, too. Different needs around meal slots mean different food needs by meal structure. With internationalization of time zones and new lifestyles, new food options start to emerge.

Global @dvisor: The Economic Pulse of the World – May 2014

May 2014: Citizens in 25 Countries Assess the Current State of their Country’s Economy for a Total Global Perspective

Ipsos Healthcare Institute: Tracking Healthcare as a Priority Issue

Ipsos Public Affairs has been tracking the top issue concerns of residents across 24 countries since 2010. This report is the first of a bi-annual series that will be provided by the Ipsos Health Policy Institute focusing on “healthcare” as an issue priority.

Australians more concerned about unemployment than ever

Ipsos APAC: April 29, 2014 – Australians cite ‘the economy’ as the most important issue facing the nation, with two in five (41%) rating it as the most important issue facing our country.

Global Attitudes to Same-Sex Marriage

Respondents in 15 Countries Assess Their Views on Same-Sex Marriage

India’s Mobile phone Market

India is home to one of the fastest growing mobile phone markets in terms of penetration thanks to tectonic shifts which have taken place within the market over the past decade.

The Construction sector in Myanmar

Myanmar has seen a renaissance in construction work due to both the economic liberalisation that is happening in the country as well as the necessity of infrastructure growth.

Women in society: Global Trends Survey

New data from the soon to be released Ipsos MORI Global Trends Survey, shows that one third (34%) of online adults across 20 countries agree that the role of women in society is to be good mothers and wives.