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New Brand-Building Direction for Insurance Industry

In face of this fast-information-spreading world and fast development of different channels, insurance companies should make more effort to build distinctive brand image in a comprehensive way. To strengthen delivered brand image, insurance companies should pay more attention to the moment that customers interact with insurance companies. 面對訊息傳播快速的網路世界,以及不同投保通路的快速發展,保險業者應該建立更鮮明的品牌形象。不論是透過強化第一線人員與消費者間的互動關係,或是設立標準的服務流程等方式,業者應該努力讓消費者在每一次的互動中,留下對該品牌的正面印象。

Looking Back On 40 Years Of Retail – Top Tips For The Future!

This article looks at how the retail landscape has changed – and what the future has in store. 在過去四十多年來益普索也伴隨著消費者及品牌們一起經歷零售業的改變及成長。在這邊我們將分享過去四十年來所觀察到零售商的變化,以及未來的發展趨勢。