Bank 3.0:A Battlefield of Digital Finance in Taiwan

N059_MKT_Bank 3.0:A Battlefield of Digital Finance in TaiwanWhen younger customers are pursuing a more convenient life style without limit of time and location, they are getting accustomed to the internet bank services like transferring, inquiry, paying, investing such as purchase on stock and fund, currency exchanging, and online shopping etc., there’s a downfall of the traditional bank industry with physical channel. Bank, in the future, will not be just a place, but a behavior.

Nonetheless, in Taiwan, even within youngsters with strong adaptability, the familiarity with using digital financial service is still insufficient. The status is now remaining as having awareness but less intention. Normally as more and more consumers are relying on Internet, the development of digital network should be able to save people a great amount of time waiting in banks with number tickets crumbled in their hand. Financial service digitalizing seems much more efficient and imperative, so what is retarding the pace of the development in Taiwan?

Bank 3.0:台灣數位金融戰場



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