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Emotion, Attention and Memory in Advertising – Part 1/2

This paper outlines how advertisers can make optimal use of emotional stimuli with the aim of influencing people’s brand choices. To do that, we look at how people pay attention to, and both encode into memory and later retrieve, emotion- linked stimuli. Finally, we look at this evidence in the context of advertising to draw some conclusions about how these interact to deliver desired brand outcomes. 本文將概述廣告商是如何巧妙地運用情感刺激來影響消費者在品牌之間作的選擇。我們檢視人們如何去注意經過我們設計的情感刺激、如何將其保存於記憶中、之後又是如何從記憶中進行檢索,最後基於這些結果來分析其中的相互作用是如何帶來人們對品牌的取得意願。

Four Steps to A Smoother Customer Journey

To create a better customer journey, you must first understand its importance. The stark reality is that two thirds of customers are less likely to shop in a retail environment if they have problems with their shopping experience. With the high street still hugely competitive, that is one figure that should be taken seriously. However, the good news is that there are four simple steps to help you when it comes to assisting your customers more effectively.

Perceptions Are Not Reality

Ipsos’ latest Perils of Perception survey highlights how wrong the public across 40 countries are about key global issues and features of the population in their country.
益普索(Ipsos)的「感知的危險(Perils of Perception)」調查40個國家的民眾,對於自己國家內社會議題的「感覺」與「實際情況」相差的程度。