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Micro-Target or Target Everyone? –Balancing Reach with Precision in Your Media Strategy

What is the best way to get the right amount of reach but also the right precision? Some marketers are seduced by the promise of micro-targeted precision through digital media spend. Others go broad and target everyone. What is the right balance for your brand? Frustrating though it may be – the answer is “it depends”.

Building Stronger Brands

Many of the questions businesses ask about their brands boil down to “how well are we doing” and “how can we do better?”

Acceptance of Homosexuality in Taiwan

According to a survey conducted by Ipsos in Taiwan, about half of Taiwanese think homosexuality is morally acceptable, while only about 20% of Taiwanese think it is not. 在台灣,有近五成的人認為同性戀在道德上是可以被接受的,約兩成的人認為在道德上不可以被接受。另外有近三成認為同性戀無關乎道德。