Technology Gives Families More Opportunities to Connect

P022_CNT_Technology Gives Families More Opportunities to ConnectAbout less than a decade ago, computer just got popularized and smartphone just started getting developed. Many scholars worried about if children and teenagers who are obsessed with technology would have less connection with their parents and families. However, in the recent year, it is found that technology is not always negative for parent-child relationship. In Taiwan, for instance, every family has a chat group with their LINE app. People can share anything with their families at any time.

In a recent research conducted by Ipsos Millennials, Kids & Family Center of Excellence, it is also found that technology indeed gives families more opportunities to connect.



益普索(Ipsos)的千禧世代、兒童及家庭卓越中心(Millennials, Kids & Family Center of Excellence)從最近在美國執行的研究中也有同樣發現,科技其實帶給家庭更多彼此分享的機會!

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