Is VR (Virtual Reality) the Auto Industry’s Sleeping Giant?

VRpicThe world’s leading companies are using virtual reality (VR) to a major advantage, and that will only increase in the future. Vehicle makers need to get onboard now!

Technology is allowing companies to completely rethink their core processes, oftentimes in revolutionary ways that mean substantial cost savings, in streamlining logistics and gaining efficiencies. For the automotive business, virtual reality may be just that innovation. Imagine evaluating a new car model with a virtual reality simulation vs constructing physical prototypes and transporting them around the world. Manufacturers would enjoy enormous savings, not to mention the time they could shave off the development phase. But can the industry embrace it?

對汽車產業來說,VRVirtual Reality,虛擬實境)是沉睡的巨人嗎?



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