Archives for November 2016

Technology Gives Families More Opportunities to Connect

In a recent research conducted by Ipsos Millennials, Kids & Family Center of Excellence, it is also found that technology indeed gives families more opportunities to connect. 益普索(Ipsos)的千禧世代、兒童及家庭卓越中心(Millennials, Kids & Family Center of Excellence)從最近在美國執行的研究中也有同樣發現,科技其實帶給家庭更多彼此分享的機會!

Is VR (Virtual Reality) the Auto Industry’s Sleeping Giant?

The world’s leading companies are using virtual reality (VR) to a major advantage, and that will only increase in the future. Vehicle makers need to get onboard now! 世界領先的企業都在利用VR(虛擬實境)技術幫助他們成為優勢品牌,未來VR的使用只會多不會少,現在汽車製造商,也是時候該上船了!

Effective Communications Begins with The Brand

Marketers must start with the brand in the earliest conception stage, and weave it throughout the storyline architecture at opportune points. There are several tried and true techniques to ensure success. This Point of View paper addresses those approaches— crucial to effective advertising. 製作廣告時,行銷人員必須在最早的構思階段就從品牌入手,並在適當的情節中將品牌貫穿於整個故事架構中。有些經過檢驗的方法,可以確保製作出有效的廣告。