Ipsos Connect Launches Connect:Live

With advertisers spending more of their campaign budgets in online video and Facebook growing rapidly as a preferred platform, Ipsos Connect has developed Connect:Live to help clients select the best creative to launch and measure the brand impact of their live campaign buys.

While advertisers use platforms such as Facebook to reach audiences, the Ipsos Connect team recognized that traditional testing and tracking services can struggle to measure the impact of ad exposures delivered in the platform.  The team solved this challenge by partnering with Driftrock, a digital marketing company with direct access to the Facebook platform.


In this partnership, Ipsos Connect is able to pre-test multiple ads in the live Facebook platform with users before launch.  This is done by buying advertising to show to the target audience the test ad, then retargeting those exposed with a survey invite in the newsfeed and this is compared to a matched control group who do not see the ad.  Once the client has selected the best ad for their brand marketing goals, the service uses the same approach to measure the brand impact of the live media buy and can deliver data during the campaign to change creative and optimize to brand outcomes.


This new service is due to launch globally in 18 countries on 10 October. 


For more information, please contact: Andrew.Bradford@ipsos.com; Philip.Shaw@ipsos.com;Adam.Sheridan@ipsos.com

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