Where Discussion about Pokemon GO Happens

P020_MKT_Where Discussion About Pokemon GO HappensDo you know how many people are like you, striving on becoming a Master of Pokemon Go? Ipsos uses Social Listening technique to analyze the discussion on the Internet, understanding how it went viral and became the most discussed mobile game.


寶可夢Pokemon GO的網路聲量從哪裡來?
你知道有多少人跟你一樣正在努力成為寶可夢大師嗎?益普索市場研究公司(Ipsos)利用社群聆聽(Social Listening)的技術爬取社群網路資料,經過專業分析,探討寶可夢Pokemon GO如何在網路上成為話題中心,瞭解寶可夢魅力究竟為何能坐穩手遊界當紅炸子雞的寶座。

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