Implicit Reaction Time (IRT™) Methodology at Ipsos

N049_MKT_Implicit Reaction Time (IRT™) Methodology at IpsosImplicit Reaction Time is a well-established methodology that is used internationally by academia and market research alike to determine the unconscious strength of associations. Ipsos calls their advanced version of this method IRT™. It relies upon the measured response time to questions of association in milliseconds. This applies to brands and their attributes, products and benefits, political candidates and possible virtues and any object or entity and the characteristics potentially ascribed. Moreover, IRT™ can determine the strength of conviction people have to state intentions such as intent to buy, vote, try, use, discuss, etc.

益普索隱式反應時間(Implicit Reaction Time, IRT™)

隱式反應時間(Implicit Reaction Time),是一個已經在國際學術及市場研究上已發展成熟、用來測量受訪者潛意識與受測物間聯結強度的研究方法。而益普索的IRT™為更進階的隱式反應時間,以毫秒的單位計算受訪者回答問題的時間,來測量問題本身與受訪者之間的聯結程度。這項研究方法適用於研究品牌的主要屬性、產品的價值點、政治候選人可能的優勢等任何能與受訪者產生聯結的因素。此外,IRT™也能測量受訪者對於購買、嘗試、使用、投票、或討論等的意圖強度。

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