Top 5 Reasons To Know What’s Happening In Your Store

Pub_MKT_Top 5 Reasons to Know What's Happening in Your StoreIt can be easy to lose sight as to why in-store analytics are so important to your store decision making. We list the Top 5 reasons to know what’s happening in your store. To attract customer to visit your store, it is not only about how much good you have in your store, but also about offering a good shopping experience, User perception, and thoughtful services, etc.


當我們在做店面相關決策的時候,店內分析(In-Store Analytics)的重要性總是很容易被忽略。益普索列出五點理由讓你知道,為什麼了解店內分析,以及了解來店家拜訪的顧客行為是如此重要,而不是店裡擺滿商品,顧客就會上門。提供顧客在店內良好的購買經驗、精心設計的動線、或貼心的服務等,除了可以促使顧客消費,也可以增加消費者回店購買的機會。

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