The Thinking to Expand the Value of IoT (Internet of Things)

N046_MKT_The thinking to expand the value of IoTIoT (Internet of Things) related business flourishes as 4G LTE internet becomes widely available. IoT applications, including personal wearables, smart homes (energy saving, temperature control, security surveillance, video entertainment, and etc.), smart healthcare (blood pressure and glucose measuring, sleep monitoring, and etc.), connected cars (Internet of Vehicles) and so on, are gaining global popularity. Value for IoT industry, according to ITRI IEK, is expected to reach up to$ 133.2B USD (about $4.37T NTD) by 2020. As facing the megatrend of IoT, companies providing products and services should seek creative way to penetrate markets with it. While trying to increase customer satisfaction by implementing IoT concept, all companies should always view from consumers’ perspectives to evaluate the real effect.


隨著4G LTE飆速時代的來臨,物聯網的商機蓬勃發展,國內外物聯網(Internet of Things, IoT)應用愈來愈廣,包含個人穿戴式裝置、智能居家(如節能、溫控、安全監控、影音等)、智慧醫療(如血壓、血糖量測、睡眠監控等)、智慧汽車(車對車聯網)…等。工研院IEK更預估2020年物聯網產值上看1,332億美元,相當於新台幣4.37兆元。面對來勢洶洶的物聯網,不論是提供產品或服務的廠商,都應從中尋找切入市場的創意點,但在導入物聯網來提昇客戶滿意度的同時,也不要忽略由消費者的角度來檢視它的成效。

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