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Top 5 Reasons To Know What’s Happening In Your Store

It can be easy to lose sight as to why in store analytics are so important to your store decision making. We list the Top 5 reasons to know what’s happening in your store.. 當我們在做店面相關決策的時候,店內分析(In-Store Analytics)的重要性總是很容易被忽略。益普索列出五點理由讓你知道,為什麼了解店內分析,以及了解來店家拜訪的顧客行為是如此重要。

The Thinking to Expand the Value of IoT (Internet of Things)

Internet of Things related business flourishes as 4G LTE internet becomes widely available. IoT applications, including personal wearables, smart homes, smart healthcare, connected cars and so on, are gaining global popularity. Value for IoT industry, according to ITRI IEK, is expected to reach up to$ 133.2B USD by 2020. 隨著4G LTE飆速時代的來臨,物聯網的商機蓬勃發展,國內外物聯網應用愈來愈廣,包含個人穿戴式裝置、智能居家、智慧醫療、智慧汽車…等。工研院IEK更預估2020年物聯網產值上看1,332億美元,相當於新台幣4.37兆元。

Online Security Top of Mind for 18 Year Olds

Perils and Possibilities: Growing Up Online (Ipsos/UNICEF Poll) report delivers findings from UNICEF and Ipsos’ new opinion poll of more than 10,000 18-year-olds from 25 countries reveals young people’s perspectives on the risks they face growing up in an increasingly connected world. 益普索(Ipsos)與聯合國兒童基金會於上個月公布「危險與可能性:成長於網絡的時代」(Perils and Possibilities: Growing up Online)的全球調查報告,針對來自25個國家超過萬名的18歲青少年進行意見調查,瞭解這些成長於網路世界的年輕人,對於在網路當中有可能遇到的風險的看法。