Brand Equity, Behavioral Economics and Surveys – Part 2/2

Pub_MKT_Brand Equity, Behavioral Economics and Surveys Part 2The concept of behavioral economics has spread quickly in market research and inspired many to incorporate psychology into their quest to understand consumer behavior. While this is no doubt a positive development, many in market research struggle to capture and apply the principles of behavioral economics.

Behavioral economics casts a wide net: the discipline includes a broad array of psychological phenomena, like priming and anchoring effects, which in turn impact several areas relevant to marketers. In addition, many researchers are uncertain how to use survey research to capture psychological phenomena. There is a prevailing, though false, belief that behavioral economics, with its focus on the unconscious, has somehow rendered direct questions useless.



行為經濟學包羅萬象,包括廣泛的心理現象,如啟動效應(priming effect)和錨定效應(anchoring effect),這些現象也影響了許多市場行銷人員的思考及行為。此外,許多研究人員都還不確定如何利用調查研究來捕捉心理現象,且有錯誤的觀點,認為行為經濟學只針對於無意識行為,在某種程度上是沒有意義的。本文的重點將集中於行為經濟學在品牌權益研究中的應用,並說明如何調整調查問卷,才能更準確地捕捉消費者的意見。

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