Archives for June 2016

A Powerful Segmentation

Just like the best films, data can tell a story too – you just need to know where to look.

Leo Cremonezi explores how three types of advanced statistical analysis – Factor, Cluster and CHAID analysis – can help us unlock additional value from market segmentation. By better understanding the variables in the survey and defining the segments they help us see our customers in high definition.

Brand Equity, Behavioral Economics and Surveys – Part 2/2

While there are many occasions in which our behavior is influenced by unconscious automatic activation of knowledge and experiences, the knowledge and experiences themselves can often be consciously accessed. 我們的行為無意識的受到知識及經驗影響,但這些行為都是可以被有意識地分析的。

Retail Top Tips: Talking to the Customer

Talking to your customers isn’t just basic good customer service – it is essential if you want to optimize sales. 和顧客對話不只是一般基本的顧客服務,它也是能讓銷售數字更漂亮的重要一環。

With Soft Drink Sugar Tax, Is It Possible That People Turn To Sugar Free?

Whilst we’re seeing some appetite for reduced sugar options, sugar-free products are currently still viewed with scepticism by consumers.