The Many Faces of Modern Motherhood

The many faces of modern motherhoodSuccessful marketing and advertising to mums is constantly hindered by brand focussed research, mundane pointless segmentation studies, simplistic assumptions and generic insights. All of which lead to an inaccurate representation of motherhood. Ipsos Connect recently partnered with advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi to produce some innovative research for the annual Mumsnet conference Mumstock. We found there was a huge raft of identities which mums said defined their outlook and behaviour giving us an insight into how much the ‘universalistic’ understanding of motherhood has dissipated to be replaced with a ‘particularised’ definition of motherhood in the UK.


We believe marketers and advertisers should consider these 5 key points to ensure authenticity:

1. More diverse teams in advertising agencies will better reflect the needs states of real mothers
2. Don’t advertise to a ‘universal’ mum
3. Remember, they are the most educated mothers in history
4. Don’t be afraid to challenge out of touch messaging
5. Get as close as you can to your broader target of mums

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