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Ipsos Launches InnoConstruct to Help Clients Build Better Concepts

InnoConstruct is a new tool for identifying the best combination of concept elements, including headline, insights, benefits, reasons to believe, brand, price, and package.

Millennials and the Impact of Social Brand Perception

In a recent Ipsos SMX study conducted with 542 millennial consumers, 3 out of 4 reported following official brand or company pages on social media. Ipsos SMX最近另外針對542名千禧世代消費者進行的一次調查研究中,四分之三的消費者稱他們在社群媒體上關注官方品牌或公司的頁面。

Brand Equity, Behavioral Economics and Surveys

While there are many occasions in which our behavior is influenced by unconscious automatic activation of knowledge and experiences, the knowledge and experiences themselves can often be consciously accessed. 我們的行為無意識的受到知識及經驗影響,但這些行為都是可以被有意識地分析的。

Is gender equality a dream?

Despite the majority believing in equal treatment for both genders, women don’t always experience it. When asked if they have full equality with men, four in 10 (40%) disagree. 然而,雖有大多數的人認為男女應享有平等權力,但只有六成的女性覺得自己在所處國家中,享有和男性一樣的自由去追求夢想。

IPSOS Taiwan: YouTube is Taiwan’s Top Destination for Video Content

Online video advertising is the fastest growing ad format in this region, with many brands now including this critical touchpoint as a key element within their campaigns. But more knowledge & insight is required to truly understand the intricate nuances of how viewers receive, and respond, to video advertising. A research study was therefore conducted by Ipsos, with the specific objective to understand how Taiwanese viewers receive, and respond to, video advertising on YouTube, with context & motivations playing a key role. Eye-tracking technology was also leveraged to add neuro-science insights.


The Many Faces of Modern Motherhood

Successful marketing and advertising to mums is constantly hindered by brand focussed research, mundane pointless segmentation studies, simplistic assumptions and generic insights. All of which lead to an inaccurate representation of motherhood. Ipsos Connect recently partnered with advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi to produce some innovative research for the annual Mumsnet conference Mumstock. We found there was a huge raft of identities which mums said defined their outlook and behaviour giving us an insight into how much the ‘universalistic’ understanding of motherhood has dissipated to be replaced with a ‘particularised’ definition of motherhood in the UK.

Ipsos Taiwan: 3/4 of Respondents Say Abortion Should Be Permitted

Three quarters (74%) of respondents in 23 countries around the world say abortion should be permitted. 45% say it should be permitted whenever a woman decides she wants one.