Future of TV – The evolution of TV everywhere

Future of TVA master of reinvention, TV has consistently changed over time to embrace new technology and meet the evolving needs of audiences and consumers. Now, with content that follows you, more seamless interplay between screens, personalisation and deeper levels of immersion, the future of TV looks more exciting than ever. Collaboration with other media will be key, to ensure audiences can continue to be reached with the right content on the right device, in the moments that matter.

With these developments come a number of new opportunities and challenges for both content providers and advertisers. In order to make the most of the rising opportunities it becomes more important than ever to have an in-depth understanding of your audiences’ needs within different contexts, and whether you are actually meeting them.

Top Three trends in TV:

  • Content that follows you
  • Content that increasingly aligns with context
  • More immersive experiences across devices

Top three challenges for content providers and advertisers:

  • Understanding need states across different platforms at specific times
  • Reaching the right audience
  • Optimising content throughout live campaigns.

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