Ipsos Hong Kong: Ad of the Month: Mitsubishi Electric’s 惠家仁 “Family Values”

By Mike Underhill
Executive Director, Ipsos Connect – Hong Kong

Firstly, Mitsubishi need to be congratulated for taking a risk in a category where, in HK, TV advertising has historically been product-driven to the point of being nearly indistinguishable from infomercials. Not only does it do away with explicit mentions of products or features, it tells the story of family values in a locally relevant way without succumbing to slapstick or shouting.

But all this change comes at a price. Family Values is a very different direction from Mitsubishi’s recent campaigns (check out this raunchy piece HERE. Family Values is the kind of content and production standard which we are more accustomed to seeing in some of the better CNY ads at this time of year as well as some rock star campaigns like P&G’s Olympic Mums from 2012 HERE.

So this approach, as powerful as may be, is also a sharp turn along a very well-carved out path that’s been used before. It’s new for Mitsubishi but it’s not new. That, combined with subtle (some would say inadequate) branding is going to make it hard for many people to link the execution to Mitsubishi. This apparent lack of linkage, (note, we have not copy tested this ad) , would leave potential buyers with a warm feeling but insufficient knowledge to act on it, or worse still, mistakenly feeling good about another brand.

This is an ad that whispers while everyone else is shouting. While I love the tranquility of the ad, I also worry that the quiet music and somber visuals will struggle to be noticed. The presence of kids and scenes of realistic family life will help to mitigate that, however.

I don’t have a major concern about the lack of product or functional information, as long as this execution marks the beginning of a new way for Mitsubishi to talk about themselves to HK consumers.

As a thematic campaign, Family Values has a lot of potential to later be applied to specific product lines but Mitsubishi will have to stick with it for quite some time before viewers begin to recognize it as Mitsubishi’s territory.

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