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Since the launch of Brand Value Creator (BVC) in 2006, Ipsos Labs has run some 18,000 BVC studies across 150 different categories. Based on this experience, the team has developed Thought Pieces which address real business challenges that our clients face, showcase BVC’s diverse capabilities and demonstrate how BVC can be used to provide insight into our clients’questions.

益普索 BVC

益普索BVC (Brand Value Creator)自2006年推出之後,益普索研究室已經進行了超過150個領域類別、約18000項BVC研究。經過這些研究經驗,益普索BVC驗證了其跨領域研究的綜合能力,同時也為客戶的問題提供有效的洞察,協助客戶迎接不同類型的商業挑戰。

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