Brand Influence in Taiwan? – Chapter 3/3

Brand Influence - PART 1Brand Influence in Taiwan? – Chapter 3/3

The world that we all live in is changing & evolving at an incredible rate. All aspects of our life have become more complex, more connected, & we enjoy more access to information than ever before. Now is the time for brands to focus on how they can become more influential. Via our Most Influential Brand survey, Ipsos has discovered the whys & the hows of brand influence to help companies in Taiwan become truly influential. All data & insights within this POV article are Taiwan-specific. The content of this POV was presented by Darren in November 2015 at the Hyatt Hotel in Taipei at an event arranged by the Business Weekly magazine.

Within the previous POV article, we shared the top 10 most influential brands in Taiwan.  But, we also listed out several brands that significantly jumped up in brand influence from the previous year. This 3rd& final part of this series of POV articles will focus very much on these specific brands, and exactly how they were able to achieve such a significantly uplift in brand influence.

台灣影響力品牌: 為什麼 & 哪些品牌& 如何產生影響力? -章節3/3

我們身處的世界正在以驚人的速度改變且進化著。 比起過往,我們生活的各個層面已變得更複雜、更相互連結且人們享受更多取得資訊的途徑。現在是品牌該專注在如何變得更有影響力的時代。益普索透過「最具影響力品牌調查」,發掘出品牌影響力的原因與途徑,以幫助台灣的企業主變得更具真正的影響力。此篇文章中的資料數據與研究發現皆是針對台灣市場。此篇觀點中的內容由Darren Freeman在2015年11月商業週刊於台北君悅飯店舉辦的論壇中發表。


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