IPSOS VIEWS: Big Data: A Guided Tour

big-dataLook at its power. Imagine the potential. It often feels like Big Data is omnipresent. Not least in the workplace, where it has become a feature of so many current discussions about strategies and business plans. As the US President’s office points out, it can be a force for good: saving lives and making the economy work better. But Big Data also brings with it risks and responsibilities – as witnessed by growing consumer concerns about data protection and information security.

Big Data may now be famous. But it can be hard to pin down – a little mysterious, even. In this Ipsos Views paper, Rich Timpone sets us off on a guided tour of the subject matter – taking us from the all-important definitions through to questions around how it should (and should not) be used.

For those of us involved in the research industry, there are some clear rules we need to follow if we are to make sense of it all. And that’s before the role of “traditional” market research techniques come in.

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