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You Already Knew Parents Post on Facebook More Than Others

By now, it’s an old joke that moms and dads love to post photos of their kids on Facebook. But thanks to the social network’s research with Ipsos Media—they surveyed 8,000 people in eight countries—and Facebook’s internal data analysis, we now know just how true that idea is.

Self-Storage Development and Investment Opportunities in Greater China

Taiwan shows strong potential to develop a sizable self-storage industry, write Ipsos Business Consulting in Inside Self-Storage International magazine. Driving consumer awareness of the service will be key to the industry expand beyond the current 18 brands operating 75 locations within the capital, Taipei, to other cities in the country. Doing so will help the market will grow by 20% over the next three-to-five years. Get in touch with our self-storage experts at

Brand Influence in Taiwan? – Chapter 2/3

The world that we all live in is changing & evolving at an incredible rate. All aspects of our life have become more complex, more connected, & we enjoy more access to information than ever before. Within the previous POV article, we focused on the why & the who of brand influence in Taiwan; now it is time to deep dive into the all-important how.

Inspiration by Consumer, Insight from Ipsos

A consumer is not simply a respondent or a quota. Without consumers we have no business model, and no way to measure our observations.

Who’s Killing Creativity Now?

Market research has long been accused of killing creativity. Many in the creative world now look back with nostalgia to the days when market research was the point of contention. With so much more data available now and so many exciting applications for it, data and creative are at loggerheads.