Ipsos Taiwan: What’s Driving Consumer Conversations Online?

Driving ConsumerConversations Online

What’s Driving Consumer Conversations Online?

The world is changing; there is a new auto consumer – the millennial, and they represent twenty-eight percent of new car sales and shop very differently than those before them. Ninety-five percent shop for cars online, sixty-three percent visit at least two dealerships, and they use social media on average forty-three times a day. Right behind them is GenZ, who is even more connected. First and foremost it means that car manufacturers need to embrace social media now more than ever, and understand how its multiple channels can help drive sales. It also means that car manufacturers and their agencies need to continue to improve as publishers, sharing the right information, images and messages on the right channels at the right time to the right individuals. Equally important, it means that manufacturers and their agencies need to develop m ore actionable and strategic measures of the impact of their social media efforts.


世界在不斷變化;現在有一群新的汽車消費者——千禧一代,他們占新車銷量的百分之二十八,其購物方式與之前的各代人截然不同。他們當中95%的人在網上購買汽車,63%的人至少造訪兩家經銷商店面,他們平均每天使用社群媒體 43次。緊隨其後的是Z世代,他們上網的時間更多。


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