A Pop-up Community as an Integrated Research Platform

IpsosSMX_SoundOff_PopUp_promo (1)At Ipsos we believe in a “people first” approach to research. Our community practice is based on our strong belief that innovation and change come from people and not technology. People (consumers) need to be at the core of the products we develop, just as people (researchers) need not only to create the environment for consumers to share openly, but also provide the expertise to design and analyze research effectively. To this end, we have worked across the organization and with our key client stakeholders to develop and execute several specific approaches leveraging our “pop-up” (aka “short-term”) community platform for integrated research, to provide holistic, consumer-centric solutions. Read our latest “Sound Off” case study to learn how Ipsos can partner with you to leverage pop-up communities as a unifying link to various online and offline research components, leading to truly integrated insights.

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