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Ipsos Taiwan: What’s Driving Consumer Conversations Online? – Chapter 1/3

The world that we all live in is changing & evolving at an incredible rate. All aspects of our life have become more complex, more connected, & we enjoy more access to information than ever before. Now is the time for brands to focus on how they can become more influential. Via our Most Influential Brand survey, Ipsos has discovered the whys & the hows of brand influence to help companies in Taiwan become truly influential.
我們身處的世界正在以驚人的速度改變且進化著。 比起過往,我們生活的各個層面已變得更複雜、更相互連結且人們享受更多取得資訊的途徑。現在是品牌該專注在如何變得更有影響力的時代。益普索透過「最具影響力品牌調查」,發掘出品牌影響力的原因與途徑,以幫助台灣的企業主變得更具真正的影響力。

Ipsos Taiwan: What’s Driving Consumer Conversations Online?

The world is changing; there is a new auto consumer – the millennial, and they represent twenty-eight percent of new car sales and shop very differently than those before them. Ninety-five percent shop for cars online, sixty-three percent visit at least two dealerships, and they use social media on average forty-three times a day. Right behind them is GenZ, who is even more connected.
世界在不斷變化;現在有一群新的汽車消費者——千禧一代,他們占新車銷量的百分之二十八,其購物方式與之前的各代人截然不同。他們當中95%的人在網上購買汽車,63%的人至少造訪兩家經銷商店面,他們平均每天使用社群媒體 43次。緊隨其後的是Z世代,他們上網的時間更多。

Perils of Perception 2015: Perceptions are not Reality

We’re delighted to share the latest findings from Perils of Perception 2015. This year we have included new questions on key issues such as obesity, inequality and the proportion of female politicians in each country. The study is also larger than ever with 33 countries taking part for 2015.

Consumers and Mobile Payments – The Global Segmentation

The world is becoming ever more mobile and this is having a major impact on the financial services industry. Over the last few years Ipsos has been studying consumers attitudes and usage of mobile payments.

A Pop-up Community as an Integrated Research Platform

At Ipsos we believe in a “people first” approach to research. Our community practice is based on our strong belief that innovation and change come from people and not technology. People (consumers) need to be at the core of the products we develop, just as people (researchers) need not only to create the environment for […]

The Future Is Here, With the Connected Car

There were a lot of futuristic things such as hover boards, new electronics and even flying cars. While we aren’t there with flying cars, we are getting closer with the futuristic features of the Connected Car.