Taiwan: How To Make Your Brand The Best

How To Make Your Brand The BestHow To Make Your Brand The Best

This is a brand’s first big challenge – how to define what it means to be the best. In fact there is no simple answer to the question and there are lots of ways to approach the problem.

One approach is to provide a calculated measure that combines multiple factors, such as Ipsos’ annual Most Influential Brands study. We’ve identified the top drivers of influence and developed an annual ranking of brands in Canada based on those factors.

In the words of Steve Levy, COO Ipsos Reid, influence is important because “truly great brands are like family. We can count on them. They help build our identity. They dig deep to create an emotional connection with us. And we trust them to make our lives better. In short, brands influence our lives now more than ever.”


定義所謂的「最好」,是品牌面對的第一個挑戰。實際上要對此下定義有很多種的方法,並非三言兩語就能帶過。其中一個方法是使用綜合多種因素的計量方法,例如益普索的年度最具影響力品牌調查報告(The Most Influential Brands)。益普索利用這種方法,統整出最有影響力的幾個影響因素,並且根據這些因素,為加拿大的品牌做了排名。

根據Ipsos Reid營運總監Steve Levy的說法,品牌影響力是很重要的,因為「真正好的品牌就像我們可以依賴的家人一樣,他們能建立消費者的認同感以及連結消費者的深層情感。簡單來說,品牌之於現今生活的影響力遠遠超越過去。」

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