Finance Report of High-end Individuals

Ipsos and Financial Money Magazine jointly released “High-end Customers Finance and Investment White Paper”. With the focus on financial institutions’ high-end customers, the survey covered banks, insurance MIS, funds, securities, trust, futures, financial leasing and third-party finance.
On the whole, compared with 2013, the ratio of the sample population with financial investable assets of RMB 500,000 to 1 million saw significant growth, and there was slight growth in private bank customers with investable assets of more than 8 million. Data analysis was as follows: customers with investable assets of 500,000 to 1 million occupied 19% in 2013 and 28% in 2014; with 1 to 3 million, 31% in 2013 and 24% in 2014; with 3 to 8 million, 27% in 2013 and 30% in 2014.

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