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The 5 key issues facing women working in the G20

We put the question to more than 9,500 women across the G20 countries in a survey conducted by international pollster Ipsos MORI. We found that work-life balance is the issue that concerns women most.

Ipsos Taiwan – How Brands Can Be Heard in a World of Media Overload?

How can brands cut through and build connections with people when the choice of what to engage with is so vast? 當消費者面對如此多的選擇時,品牌該如何切入,並且和消費者建立聯繫呢?

Ipsos Taiwan – Eco Cars & Key Developments Within The Global Auto Industry

Major automotive manufacturers have traditionally focused on developing high quality sophisticated vehicles for developed markets, which are reaching saturation point. 全球主要汽車製造商總是致力於開發品質精良的車款,期望藉此拓展市場、強化品牌銷售機會;但是,此一以傳統動力(指汽柴油引擎動力)為主軸的汽車市場早已達到飽和的態勢。

Finance Report of High-end Individuals

Ipsos and Financial Money Magazine jointly released “High-end Customers Finance and Investment White Paper”. With the focus on financial institutions’ high-end customers, the survey covered banks, insurance MIS, funds, securities, trust, futures, financial leasing and third-party finance.

Use APP, but at Varied Time

Ipsos works with Beijing Mobile to launch APP product list, when Ipsos offers professional data analysis technology, and Beijing Mobile provides real, comprehensive data aids to explore the development trend, profitability, etc., of APP.

Millennials and the Impact of Social Brand Perception

Today, knowing how your brand is perceived in social media is more critical than ever. Brand perception in social can influence everything from discovery to purchase behavior to overall brand loyalty, and this is particularly true among millennial consumers.