The Value of Emotional Advertising

A_child_water_mark_on_his_face_about_digital_and_media_CaucasoidThe Value of Emotional Advertising

There was a lot of debate about the importance of emotional advertising in the zeitgeist fuelled world of adland last year.Creative agencies searched for it, some clients yearned for it, and researchers naturally felt that they had the best way to evaluate it.

But we should remember that the concept of ‘emotional advertising’ has multiple meanings and definitions in our marketing communication world. Before you start asking whether you truly have an ‘emotional’ campaign, you will possibly save yourself some time by agreeing what you are talking about. Do you mean ‘system 1’ or ‘system 2’, engagement, valance, resonance, physiological reactions, emotional priming or emotional brand building, or all of the above?

化繁為簡、跳脫炒作 感性廣告的價值


然而我們必須謹記,「感性廣告」在行銷傳播的世界中是有著多種不同的意涵和定義。在你問自己是否真的在做一個「感性訴求」的廣告活動前,你或許應該花點時間先弄清楚自己定義的「感性廣告」是什麼。你所指的是透過“System 1快思式的情緒性思考”還是“System 2慢想式的理性思考”的認知系統?是涉入(engagement)、情緒價向(valence)、共鳴、心理生理反應、啟動情緒還是感性品牌營造?或以上皆是?
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