4 Common Myths about Mobile Respondents

using_mobileIpsos has completed a 3 leg multi-country mobile focused Research-on-Research program over the past 6 months to debunk them. We identified 4 common myths the average market researcher believes to be true about mobile respondents.

We believe the reasons mobile respondents are less likely to disengage from a survey is correlated to the use of mobile first survey design and the new survey templates which make surveys easier to answer and visually they are more appealing. And, don’t under value that they are on the device of their choice.

The 4 common myths about mobile respondents:

  1. A mobile survey should never exceed 7 minutes.
  2. Mobile respondents do not behave the same as the general population.
  3. Mobile respondents are usually on-the-go; taking surveys out of home, more distracted etc.
  4. Mobile respondents & surveys provide lower quality data.

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