Ipsos 40th Anniversary Client Seminar – The New Way, the Bigger Insights


To commemorate Ipsos’ 40 year anniversary, the Korea office hosted an intimate, small-scale client seminar themed “The New Way, the Bigger Insights”, which was attended by nearly 40 industry experts on August 27, 2015.

Exploring the current landscape and shifting trends in big data, social listening, and insight gathering, it was a vital opportunity to share with clients marketing strategies derived from research trends and insights, and analysis from a new point of view that exceeds traditional research and analysis.

Presenters included Global Modelling Unit Director Jinho Cho who expanded on Tracking, beyond the Data, Business Development Director Peter Jo who presented Bigger Insights from Big Data in Marketing, and APAC Regional Loyalty Director Ben Llewellyn who introduced EFM and Big Data Platform. APAC SMX Regional Director Bernice Klaassen also presented new approaches in consumer understanding through Social Listening, beyond the Social Data, along with UU/SMX Head Hyeseung Kim who delved further on the topic by focusing on Community and Context Discovery.

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