Archives for September 2015

Behavioral Economics and Our Brain’s Predisposition Towards the Negative

Traditional economic theory posits that people are rational and seek to maximize benefits when making choices. We implicitly buy into this view when we do research that includes only benefits that people seek. More specifically, we address most business questions using only positively worded attributes and often do not measure the negative.

Easy Card Has the Biggest Market Share of Major Electronic Ticketing System in Taiwan

Survey showed that 89% of Taiwanese holding Easy card, while the Taipei area up to 95% of holdings. 77% of respondents said Easy Card is the most commonly used electronic ticket in daily life.

The Value of Emotional Advertising

Before you start asking whether you truly have an ‘emotional’ campaign, you will possibly save yourself some time by agreeing what you are talking about. Do you mean ‘system 1’ or ‘system 2’, engagement, valance, resonance, physiological reactions, emotional priming or emotional brand building, or all of the above?

Creating Travel Partnerships with your Customers

There can be no doubt that the travel industry is embracing mobile technology, finding new ways to help customers and elevate the travel experience.

4 Common Myths about Mobile Respondents

We identified 4 common myths the average market researcher believes to be true about mobile respondents.

Ipsos 40th Anniversary Client Seminar – The New Way, the Bigger Insights

To commemorate Ipsos’ 40 year anniversary, the Korea office hosted an intimate, small-scale client seminar themed “The New Way, the Bigger Insights”, which was attended by nearly 40 industry experts on August 27, 2015.

You’ve Been Served: The Rise of Meals by Mail

While trends turn away from traditional “convenience foods” toward more natural options, consumers have less time than ever.