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Customization Is (and Needs to Be) Everywhere

Those of us who have studied marketing in school and have worked in the industry tend to be a bit cynical about some of the gimmicks and ploys companies use to encourage us to buy their products and services.

Targeted analytics for maximum action ability in U&A’s

Surveys, especially Usage & Attitude Studies (U&A’s), often have broad business objectives (like “we want to understand the market or the category”), making it at times challenging to tie the insights to specific decisions that need to be made.

Ipsos acquires RDA Group And strengthens its leadership in Automotive Quality Tracking offer

Ipsos today announces the acquisition of RDA Group, a global provider of quality-tracking and customer-satisfaction studies serving the world’s largest auto manufacturers.

Ipsos Taiwan – 2015 Taiwan Automotive Trend: SUV is on fire

Sport utility vehicles (SUV) are on fire in the 2015 Taiwan automotive market. Based on Ipsos’ observation, there are two reasons. 台灣近年掀起一股SUV熱潮,根據易普索 (Ipsos)觀察,其背後有兩大原因:生活型態改變與車廠產品線規劃與房車市場策略調整。在可預期的未來,國內車市的SUV產品的選擇性將變得非常豐富多元。

Ipsos China: Why must bricks-and-mortar retailers “embrace” mobile Internet?

The popularity of mobile Internet in China has not only changed the lifestyle of Chinese consumers, but also changed consumers’ consuming habits and the way they shop.

Ipsos China: 2014 China Auto Market Brand Research Report

The consumption perceptions of returning consumers, whose needs are changing from simple transportation to diversification and individualization is more mature than that of the first-time buyers.

Ipsos China – 2015 Executives Career Choosing Trends Survey

Recently, Ipsos published the Executives Career Choosing Trends Survey 2015 in association with CEIBS Business Review, which analyzes the professional status and trends in career choice of Chinese business executives.

New POV on Competition Analysis and Switchable Consumer

Ipsos MarketQuest has just released a new Point Of View entitled “Competition Analysis and Identifying the Switchable Consumers”.

Ipsos Taiwan: What’s Hot in Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping as a research technique has been around for quite some time and we now innovate and bring new ideas, tools, and techniques into it. 易普索為行之多年的神秘客調查方法注入創新的想法、工具和調查技術,找出神秘客的四個新興運用概念,其研究成效遠超越坊間一體適用全部問題的神秘客調查!

Has the pharmaceutical industry developed short-sightedness?

The reputation of the pharmaceutical industry has been a subject of great debate in recent years.