Archives for June 2015

How to Calculate your Store’s Conversion Rate

In-store retail analytics are increasingly giving business owners crucial insight into what’s happening in their own stores.

Those Crafty (Beer) Millennials!

Millennials seem to be changing everything these days. Their spending power alone gives them the right to dictate what succeeds or bombs miserably in today’s marketplace.

Implicit Reaction Time (IRT™) Methodology at Ipsos

Are you absolutely certain that your marketing communication is positively impacting your brand perception? That your new products or concepts are meaningfully resonating with consumers?

Your innovation is awesome! Too bad no one will find it online…

You’ve just launched an incredible innovation in salty snacks. It has all the benefits of popcorn, but can be eaten like a chip. It tastes great, and is reasonably healthy. This product looks poised to disrupt the chip aisle, and make millions. But it won’t, because no one will find it.

Building a Differentiated Value Proposition for Pharma Brands with Empirical Emotional Research

Ipsos has developed a powerful approach to defining, measuring and mapping the emotional motivational space of a particular category.

Taiwan: Educating users is critical to the success of 3D printing in China

Ipsos released the latest ‘Opportunities and challenges in China 3D Printing Market’ and shared our critical findings to access China market. 易普索市公布最新《中國3D列印產業報告》,並分享進入中國3D列印內需市場的重要關鍵。

Omni-Channel Shopping

The way we think about and approach retail marketing is changing. Today, success means reaching consumers wherever they are, on whatever device they may be using. Increasingly, that means smartphones.

Food Equals Love

At Ipsos, we believe that understanding emotions is vital to fully understanding the consumer.

Smarter, richer, but not necessarily happier: Hong Kongers nine years on

Since its launch in 2006, the Ipsos Media Atlas survey continues to reveal the media consumption, attitudes and lifestyle habits of Hong Kong consumers. Nine years on, we compared the 2006 survey results with this year’s to reveal the evolution of Hong Kong consumers.

What’s driving consumers conversations online?

Ipsos MarketQuest and SMX have just released a new Point Of View on Censydiam Social applied to the Automotive industry.