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Insight_cloudWhat is the Insight Cloud?

The Insight Cloud is an ‘always on’ social intelligence platform created specifically for clients to access, store, curate, connect, visualize, nurture and socialize insights.  It is a cloud based solution to allow all of your cross-functional team members, market research suppliers and agencies to share and co-create against the best ideas, bringing visibility to the most impactful learning.

The Insight Cloud provides immediate access (mobile, tablet, PC) to your most important intelligence.   You can actively explore, imagine, and grasp the meaning of multiple streams of research simultaneously.  The Insight Cloud shows you what you have learned in other parts of the company, or the world so you can eliminate project silos, and avoid redundant projects.  You will clearly see what you know as well as what you don’t know, allowing you to plan research for the future and build upon existing intelligence.

We design and set up the Insight  Cloud platform for specified (you decide) geographies, categories, brands, and train up to 25 users in a single training event.  We can upload existing studies to get you started or start fresh by uploading your next study.  Each quarter we’ll conduct additional synthesis of new and existing studies, ensuring the cloud is actively evolving allowing you to activate your learnings through this dynamic environment.


Benefits of the Insight Cloud

At the end of every project your research supplier loads up Insights (deep, beyond the project) and Observations (findings, results, reports etc). In addition to insights, visuals, videos and related imagery are tagged to give inspiration to your internal teams and agency partners to create a learning culture.

Insights and Observations ‘trend’ to the top so you always have your best intelligence at your fingertips. More than just a knowledge management system, it’s a tool to inspire not just inform.


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