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How Social Media Impacts Corporate Reputation

Ipsos research indicates that active use of social media as a channel for seeking and sharing information about companies not as widespread as what we believe.社群媒體和社群網路真如大家想像稱霸當今資訊獲取來源嗎?企業是否都做好準備,面對潛藏在社群媒體的消費者?

Share of Wallet – the Ultimate Indicator of Customer Loyalty

Ipsos Loyalty found share of wallet is the ultimate indicator of with customer loyalty. 滿意度、淨推薦值其實與影響顧客忠誠度的致勝關鍵沒有太大的關係,要了解顧客對企業是否忠誠,最重要的是要去挖掘他的錢包分配(share of wallet)!

Leadership changes in India

Shubhranshu Das will take over from Rajesh Nair as Executive Director and Head of Ipsos MarketQuest WSBL.Jyoti Malladi has been appointed as Executive Director and Head of Ipsos ASI, India business.Deepak (Kumar) Singh has joined Ipsos back as Executive Director and Head of Ipsos Marketing Business in India.

Perceptions are not reality: Things the world gets wrong

Ipsos MORI’s new global survey, building on work in the UK last year for the Royal Statistical Society, highlights how wrong the public across 14 countries are about the basic make-up of their populations and the scale of key social issues.