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Retail Insights in Emerging Markets

What trends are impacting retail in emerging markets today? As part of its regular lunch roundtable series, Ipsos will be looking at trends and past studies on the retail landscape in emerging markets with a special focus on Vietnam.

Ipsos Appoints Mick Gordon as the New Managing Director for Ipsos Hong Kong

Lifeng Liu, CEO Ipsos Asia Pacific, announced today that Darlene Lee will be stepping down and succeeded by Mick Gordon, currently CEO of Ipsos India.

The Most Influential Brands in Australia

The study was conduct between October and November, 2013. The results are based on an online survey of 1000 adult residents of Australia using the Ipsos View Panel. Each respondent was randomly allocated 10 brands from a list of 100 to evaluate over a number of key metrics and against an array of statemens.

Global Advisor Health Survey

Ipsos Public Affairs has been tracking the top issue concerns of residents across 24 countries since 2010. This report is the first of a bi-annual series that will be provided by the Ipsos Health Policy Institute focusing on “healthcare” as an issue priority.

Leadership Transition in Ipsos India

Amit Adarkar Appointed Managing Director of Ipsos in IndiaAmit Adarkar has been appointed the new Country Manager and Managing Director of Ipsos in India. Aldrin Stephen Luiz has been appointed as Executive Director and Head of Ipsos MediaCT.

Effectively Managing your Customers’ Experiences Feedback Management

There has been much talk about Enterprise Feedback Management in recent times, but to many, it may be difficult to understand how to achieve real business success with it. This paper is designed to provide an overview and explain how, when deployed correctly.

10 Golden Rules of Engagement

Ipsos SMX announced their latest finding about the 10 Golden Rules of Engagement. Help to engage your members the way you would want to be engaged. 「與消費者互動的十大黃金法則」幫助你與你的品牌客戶建立長久且和諧的關係!

Case Study: Leading shopping mall in Hong Kong

To understand the changing needs of the key customer segments and their behaviours in relation to the client’s brand and competitors

How to Avoid Becoming a Budget Destination

Despite its tiny size relative to much larger neighbors, Hong Kong wields disproportionate influence on the travel market both with residents who travel extensively as well as being a key destination in the region. With the arrival of peak travel season for Hong Kong, let’s take a closer look at these travel patterns – starting with the region as a whole.