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2013 Global Economic Pulse Ipsos’ Global Economic Confidence Survey

The overall rating from respondents towards their national economies has remained very stable during the past 12 months. 37% of the respondents gave a “favorable” rating when asked about their own national economies in the past 12 months; the overall rating has only fluctuated by one percentage point and remained within the territory of around 36%-37% since December 2012.

Rising Marketing Sector in China

The year of 2013 is now in the past. As for the marketing and communications sector, it was an eventful year with numerous opportunities presenting themselves.

M&A’s in the Digital Media Sector: Good or Bad News for Clients?

M&A’s probably doesn’t sound like the typical catchphrase for the advertising industry. In matured markets such as the US, the advertising industry has made leaps and bounds in progress through M&As during different stages of development.

What Can Mobile Payment Marketers Learn From Coffee Machines

Blending financial services with software and technology that enable consumers to send funds on-the-spot, marketers and consumers alike are not sure how to move forward with the capability.


The basic concept of a product may indicate its failure, not because it’s useless, but because it’s meaningless.

Where Is the Advertising Industry Going in 2014?

Compared with a host of projections of the research institutes and marketing experts on the performance of the advertising industry in 2014 and the future, today’s marketing managers are facing a few very urgent and practical issues.

Customers Receiving Attention from Service Providers and Feeling Valued

There is a link between customers receiving attention from service providers and feeling valued, according to a new study from Verint Systems based on an Ipsos survey of 1,000 U.S. consumers that explored customer satisfaction and engagement experiences among service providers and brands.

Reflective Behaviour

Brands applying behavioural economics to consumer habits should look for those moments that make consumers consider their behaviour by introducing personalised elements.

Analysis on Characteristics of O2O Consumption in Tier-1 & 2 Cities

Due to the popularization of the internet, the O2O consumption pattern and the growing number of application scenarios have been significantly increasing.

Precise Marketing: More than Finding the Right People

With the rise of the Internet, Precise Marketing has become a marketing catchphrase. Generally it means using all sorts of new media to push marketing information to the audiences in a precise manner.