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Chinese_mother_playing_with_her_babyA Qualitative Exploratory Study among Asian Mothers

The global focus of development and growth has firmly shifted to Asia and this is most evidenced in the increasing source of consumer trends across this diverse region.

Central to the development of the region is mothers, yet they’re often overlooked in the quest for consumer-centric learning. The notion of contemporary mothering is subject to dramatic change across the region – with the strong influences of a burgeoning middle class, greater disposable incomes, female empowerment, changes in societal expectations of mothering and the access to a wider world via Internet and social media.

All of this has an impact on mothers and how they see themselves, and how they make decisions with respect to bringing up their children, what they buy, what brand relationships they cultivate and what sources of information they choose to trust.

Regional Qualitative Specialists at Ipsos UU have explored the contemporary realities of mothering across Asia Pacific using an eclectic qualitative study to explore and understand mothering strategies across 8 Asian countries – utilizing a combination of Social Listening, In Depth Interviews with target mothers and conversations with experts for this segment.

The study findings are presented using Ipsos’ unique and proprietary motivational framework of Censydiam – based on empirical understanding of human motivations and a legacy of over 30 years of research across the globe.

This is a great starting point to look at the future direction for your brand and its positioning in respect of this key consumer group.

We’d be delighted to share the project findings and strategic implications for your business.  Get in touch with us to arrange a convenient date and time for a 40 minute presentation to enlighten and enrich.

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