The Ad Blog – Ad of the Month: Tai Hing, My Hero

unnamedEvery month, Advertising research specialists at Ipsos ASI choose a specific Ad which they discuss on this blog.

These ads have been carefully selected, based on a number of key criteria. As with all forms of art, the creative merits are highly subjective, yet we do understand the science behind what differentiates a successful campaign from the rest… we invite you to make your comments and share your point of view – we’d love to hear from you – so please take a moment to make a comment!

This month, we chose to talk about Tai Hing and its new TVC, which only launched few days ago but has already created a lot of noise in HK. The ad was made by Uth Creative Group Limited, private local HK based agency

Tai Hing: My Hero, is a parody of Ironman which uses local celebrity Eric Kwok, a singer-songwriter. The key message behind the ad is “Tai Hing is a place for people who are looking for some simple and causal meals.”

Ad highlights:

After only a few days out, we can already see that the Ad salience is good among the general public, generating over 280,000 views on YouTube since Monday 16 Feb. Its “chilled milk tea” product is also well highlighted, however we think the key messages could have been communicated with more clarity.

Creative execution:

What we like: Compared with the ads of other traditional restaurants in HK, it is far more innovative and could help create a younger image for the brand

What we don’t like: Although it can create noise, relevancy of the theme to Tai Hing is low so there’s a risk for the ad not to generate much more than a bit of fun for younger audiences.

What about you?
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