Archives for November 2013

Video: What is ViewsCast?

Richard Korn, APAC Director for ViewsCast, tells more about Ipsos’ Voice of the Customer solution.

Video: China Luxury Forecast on ATV’s Money World program

Simon Tye, Executive Director for Ipsos Loyalty in Hong Kong, presents latest China Luxury Forecast on ATV’s Money World program.

Big Data and Market Research

Derek Tan, Research Director at Ipsos Hong Kong, talks about Big Data and its impact on Market Research.

Challenges for the Financial Services Industry in Hong Kong and APAC

Mark Kidd, Associate Director at Ipsos Loyalty, talks about the latest challenges for the Financial Services Industry in Hong Kong and the region.

Profitable growth by closing the loop on auto buyer feedback

The automotive field is getting more fiercely competitive, due to the macroeconomic climate and its subsequent impact on car buying. The low volume of automotive transactions reflects the industry’s current trend of pursuing joint ventures and the challenges caused by the European debt crisis.

In Asia Pacific, where demand is dominated by the Chinese market, consumers are maturing and evolving. This means a priority on understanding the key trends that will shape demand over the next decade.

Empathy is key to business innovation

Innovation is key to a business’s ongoing success. But many are not certain about how to make innovation happen. As an ethnographer I believe that innovation starts with empathy, which is critical for developing a deep connection to the customer.

The people side of Change

A Google search for ‘change management’ leads to 1.2 billion results (certainly more when you read this). ‘Human resources management’ to only 415 million entries. This tends to indicate that the most critical portion of change, the human side, is vastly overlooked.

Underestimating the challenges inherent to managing complex employee reactions to change can actually sink an organization. And these reactions can be quite confusing: Why do staff focus on issues such as working conditions in turbulent times? How can staff show high professional satisfaction and engagement in the midst of a major shift, when the future of the organization is at risk?

Does Corporate Reputation matter in Asia?

As Asian brand owners start expanding beyond the region, corporate reputation has found a newly important role as it has shown to have tangible impact on the value of a brand asset.

The Bottom of the Pyramid Buys Too

Facing saturation and cutthroat competition in long-established markets, many multinational companies are seeking new markets, turning their attention to the estimated 5 billion low-income consumers.

Faster, brighter, smarter – and we still want more

Almost unnoticed, those of us fortunate enough to reside in Thomas Friedman’s “flat world” have undergone a remarkable technological evolution in our day-to-day activities. Imperceptibly, we’ve digitized our daily lives and now expect continuous connectivity.

Since the world of market research is all about how to effectively and efficiently access consumers, this has introduced both challenges of lower response rates and consumers who are both more difficult to find and more challenging to engage.