Archives for January 2013

Ipsos Client Seminar: ViewsCast – Ipsos’s Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM) platform

Contact Centres are one of the most important and heavily used customer touchpoints within many organisations. They do however, often have a negative reputation and are often thought to have some serious issues attached to them.

InnoQuest – InnoSpark on Unique Foods

Ipsos InnoQuest asked consumers from 26 countries which foods they were most interested in eating at home, given a choice of unique food options – including artisanal foods, retro foods, and restaurant brands, among others.

Physicians & Consumers Online Behaviour Survey

As the digital age has been radically changing the access to information and behaviours of people around the world, Ipsos Healthcare and Ruder Finn Asia Health & Wellness jointly conducted a survey in the last quarter of 2012 to examine how physicians’ online behaviour in the use of digital and social media channels has been transformed.

Indonesian Household Economies Improving

A new Ipsos Indonesia survey shows that 46% of Indonesian respondents stated that their economic conditions are better compared to the past several years, while 18% said their economic conditions have declined.