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November – Media Atlas Hong Kong: paid dailies still mainstream, free dailies catching up

Hong Kong – The latest wave of the Ipsos Media Atlas survey, which continuously tracks readership of paid and free dailies in Hong Kong throughout the year, reveals that although paid dailies are still mainstream, free dailies are catching up.

White paper – In the Mood for Wine: Hong Kong’s New Love Affair

In today’s Pearl of the Orient, a glass of a fullbodied Bordeaux seems easier to come by than a cup of a potent baijiu. Indeed, the Hong Kong wine market has experienced spectacular growth in recent years and this paper will explore some of the key drivers of that growth as well as recent trends of the oenophilia spreading across the city.

Event: Ethnography Research

As markets become more complex and competitive, brands are looking for more in-depth insights about consumers, their environments and interactions, which can be difficult to capture using traditional market research tools.